• Multifunctional pump control valve

    1, detailed view inside the main valve seat, such as whether there is damage to the shaft core. If other debriswithin the main valve to clean out.

    2, such as the discovery of the diaphragm or mid ring is damaged. Please nut on the shaft looseness.Gradually decomposed patch or ring set out again after the new patch or mid ring.

    3, all these things will be taken out. Check the diaphragm and O-type ring is damaged; do not be divided without damage to the internal parts of their own struggle.

    4, the first main valve before and after the end of the gate valve closed.

    5, the main valve cover with a screw loose fittings. The pressure release valve.

    6, all the screws removed. Including the necessary control of brass nut.

    7, by the reverse is the order of replacement parts installed combination of the main valve. The valve can not have card phenomena.

    8, take the valve cover and spring.

    9, the shaft core, diaphragm, piston removed. Do not damage membranes.

    Is a pressure control valve set consists of a main valve and attached to the catheter, the pilot valve, needle valve, ball valve and pressure gauge and other components of multifunctional pump control valve. According todifferent purpose, function and location can be turned into a remote control float valve, relief valve, relief valve closed, the flow control valve, relief valve, hydraulic electric control valve, pump control valve.

    Multifunctional pump control valve is a self lubricant body. Without using water additional lubrication oil. The main valve parts in case of damage. Please follow the instructions to remove. To be installed before the filterand should facilitate the discharge requirements.


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