• To improve product safety valve

    The world has entered a period of development of economic globalization, the trend of economic globalizationis the standard international. Through the research of association of ISO standard and China's valve standarddegree, have a general understanding of standard of the standards of the valve, determined by the direction,increase the standard adoption efforts. At the same time, strive for substantive participation in international standardization work, our standards will be integrated into the international standards, international standards for the right to speak and dominance. Due to historical reasons and regional reasons, at present ISO/TC153"valve" has formed already in Europe and America as the main pattern. Therefore, the National Standard Authority valve hand to actively participate and host meetings with international standards; on the other hand,our country actively sent experts to join the international organization standards committee "TC", "SC" Sub Committee and standards working group "WC", to international standard grass carefully vote, and the our offer favorable terms of ISO/TC153 Secretariat, the international standards to reflect our reasonable requirements.

    To improve product safety valve, ensure the safety of equipment and personnel. Many valves are used in pressure piping, safety critical. State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantinepromulgated the "safety regulations" technology of special equipment, valve as a pressure piping components,but also within the special equipment. Valves caused by accidents, there are mainly two reasons, one is the product did not meet the standard requirements, such as shell thickness requirements, welding inspectionconnection requirements, material requirements, another reason is the installation, improper use. The valve uphas always attached great importance to product safety standard requirements, these requirements are cited in the "safety regulations" technology of special equipment, become a mandatory requirement, so as to maximize the protection of the safety of equipment and personnel. Valves standard committee in recent years hasdeveloped a valve housing application "minimum wall thickness requirements specification", "industrial valveinstallation and maintenance - General requirements" standard. The revision of the safety valve requirements of product standards and valve safety standards will be a focus of future work.

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