• Cost control has become an important subject

    During this year's NPC and CPPCC representative said in an interview: Chinese manufacturing industry has reached a critical juncture, high-end transformation, industry must upgrade, in Shanghai Ming Bao valve head,it seems that this sentence also shows the status of the valve industry. The key to the transformation of thevalve industry is to enhance the strength of science and technology. Last year China's valve manufacturing company, there are many valve companies struggling on the brink of collapse, the transformation of enterprisecost control is already brook no delay.

    In some valves are trying to speed up product R & D, production sales behind the operation, a series of cost threat is coming. For a valve company policy operation, in addition to the open source of profit, also need tothrottle, save all wasted costs. Especially in the valve industry after 10 years of rapid development of theenvironment, between enterprise's price war makes the same products of all manufacturers must have theobvious price advantage, the following points are the key to control the cost.

    1, for the talent shortage phenomenon intensified the valve industry, the flow of personnel costs can be said to be one thing makes enterprises headache, on one hand enterprises earlier assumed the old staff training costs and other investment, on the other hand, but also bear the upfront costs of new recruitment of this staff positions, risk and new employees is suitable for the job. In addition, the old staff may enter their competitors of the enterprise, which will bring risk of the loss of important internal data or information to the original enterprise.The old employee turnover will undoubtedly bring to the enterprise high several times the income expenditure.It is understood, for valve enterprises, lack of communication and exchange between employees, such asbetween departments, will lead to friction, contradiction, conflict, misunderstanding, affect the efficiency ofenterprise organization work atmosphere, the morale of the employees, the enterprise is difficult to form acohesive force, internal friction, artificial cost increase. It is not just the valve business, all the managers of enterprises are required to have effective communication skills -- the most basic. Such as: the establishment of the organizational structure of communication within the work flow, through the process of communication,through a variety of conference communication, the establishment of the employees and staff leadership and employee, in the system of regular irregular communication, and make the employees work to reduce the flow is the key of cost control.

    2, often work overtime a lot of enterprises boss always think, sleepless nights in the staff after work overtime is a dedicated phenomenon. As everyone knows, this may imply a high cost. The reason is that there may be hidden, overtime for staff inefficient; overtime may affect employees play effectiveness and enterprises to bringhidden dangers, such as mechanical operator fatigue is likely to encounter accident.

    3, the cost of credit credit has become one of the important factors of cooperation between the valve company.In the short term, supplier payment default, the default employee wages, bank loans in arrears, the deduction of others behavior, although enterprises can reduce the pressure on liquidity, but in the long run, this willbecome a serious hidden costs of enterprise management. No credit enterprises, who will cooperate with it?

    Cost control is the enterprise life cycle requires a constant concern, for larger valves company, to the cost tobenefit, to the loss to profit has become a consensus, R & D products technology has been around the lower the cost expansion, cost control has become an important subject in the present valve company.

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