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    Mold industry after a long-term development, at present is in the rising period. At this stage, the moldenterprises should adopt the development mode of how, become each big mold enterprises actively think about. Currently engaged in mold production enterprises more and more, but the relatively small scale, basic is a small workshop mode, there is no scientific and technological content. Small mold enterprise products are basically imitation, resulting in more and more homogenization of mold in the low-end. Die enterprises havefaced with overcapacity, inventory backlog problem. Die enterprises to continuously improve sales, will reduce the price of the product. A few die enterprises have been reduced, eventually lead to the entire industry get into trouble, the profits of enterprises less. When profit margins continue to compress, the business has noextra money for product development.

    This leads to a malignant process, science and technology level of this situation and the whole industry is low,the price war continues to make domestic mold industry in the low-end position in world die industries. Mold industry to development, must continue to increase funding for research and development, increase content of science and technology, to produce with the core competitiveness of the products. Increase strength of product research and development, can change the pattern of competition.

    Enhance scientific and technological content of China's mold enterprises should make a product, from the current price war to the competition of science and technology. From the current simple to seize market shareis not profitable, into a share market share the profit. Believe that the Chinese enterprises in the transition of competition methods, enterprises can greatly enhance the production level, effectively get rid of vicious competition, let die industry more previous floor.

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